About Prewitt Studios

Hello, my name is Brian Prewitt. I'm a photographer who wants to create a better experience for you from start to finish and beyond. From our first consultation, to the photo session, to choosing wall art and albums, to even coming to your home to hang your photos, I'll be there to ensure everything goes well. I can't wait to marvel with you at your beautiful new art on your wall. You're going to get to see your portrait, dance shoot, family, or engagement photos hanging on the wall everyday, and that is such a wonderful experience. I started in photography because I love art, and I love these experiences of joy.

Valuable Lives

I want people to know they are Valuable, because so many people these days don't know they are. I feel like this is something people need to hear and internalize.

A little about me:

I'm a world traveler, adventure lover, stand up paddle boarder, musician, artist, and a follower of Jesus. I really enjoy being around people and sharing in their life experiences and celebrating with them. I like to drink my coffee black and my tea with honey, and I'm not really sure why. Maybe because it's healthier for me? I like to read old documents and learn about history, but I'm also a big techie. It's always fun to find out about all the new stuff going on in the world. On Sunday mornings, I'll be at church, and that's one of the best times of my week. I always look forward to it.

Self Portraits:

Here are some self portraits. I like to experiment and try new ways to better my art of photography. Sometimes the best way to experiment is to use yourself. I hope some of these bring a little laugh to your day. :)